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  • What is the difference between HD, transparent, and regular lace? Which lace is best?

Most women who wear weaves and wigs want that coveted natural appearance. To achieve this its going to come down to skin tone and type of lace you have. A very good stylist should be able to work with most lace material to achieve a natural look.

Lets start with regular lace (or some may call it swiss lace). If you buy a lace with the a light brown tint to it then its most likely regular/standard lace. This lace works best for darker skin tones (the tone of the lace material or darker). This type of lace is NOT for lighter skin tones. If you have a lighter skin tone this lace will look dark on you and your style will not come out right. This lace material is durable and stretchy.

Transparent lace is a next most common lace offered on the marketplace. This lace when first purchased looks white against the skin. This can be used for all skin types. HOWEVER, if you have a darker skin tone you are going to have to customize and darken the lace to match your skin tone. You can do this through make-up or tint. For best results on customizing your lace, it is best to see a trusted professional. Yes, if done correctly, you can achieve that natural look with this type of lace. It is also durable and last a long time.

HD is a new kind of lace material introduced by the manufacturers. This is hands down the best lace to achieve that natural scalp look. The lace is thinner and more see through so it easier to melt. The lace is colorless so it can be customized to match any skin tone. One way you can tell is if the line of the hair looks messy (see image below). HOWEVER, since the lace material is so thin, it is not as durable as regular lace or transparent lace. It not for frequent use. Frequent use meaning if you have a wig made and you want to constantly get it cleaned and reinstalled, this lace is not good for that because the lace will break or tear over time. However, this lace will give you the most flawless melt down you have ever seen.


At Bagg Laidy, we offer both HD and transparent lace at this time to cater to different skin types, while still achieving the natural look that you crave. 

In summary,

Regular lace: brown skin tone (or the tone of the lace) and up. Remember you can make lace darker not lighter.

Transparent lace: all skin tones.

HD lace: all skin tones.

  • How do I best take care of my hair bundles?

It is recommended that you take care of your bundles the same way you would care for your natural hair. Use high quality shampoos and conditioners. Also, it is recommended that you deep condition at least once a week or biweekly in addition to your regular routine.


  • How long will my hair last?

With proper hair care your hair should last at least a year.


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